Six Sigma Management

If you are looking for a management tool that can radically improve performance of any business process you run, promote a positive cultural change and establish a silent change management practice that gives huge benefits to the organisation, you must be thinking of adopting a tool like six sigma. No doubt, nearly all business leaders have adopted at least one tool out of the magic basket of six sigma, in present times, for improving business processes accross verticals from manufacturing to marketing of any kind of products and services.


Six sigma is a set of tools and strategies which were originally invented by motorola for the purpose of process improvement drive across organisation. Today it is central focus of business strategy of many big business houses and MNCs, in different industrial sectors. These organisations use it for well quantified value targets in hard headed metrics like cost reduction, profit maximisation or even customer satisfaction apart from innumerable metrics in quality and other continuous improvement projects.

A six sigma process is the one in which 99.99966% of the particular event is defect free; producing only 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

Features that make Six Sigma so popular are:

  • Clear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable financial returns.
  • Emphasis on developing a strong management leadership and support system.
  • An innovative organisation structure to lead change and improvements.
  • Clear commitment to informed decision making process based on verifiable data instead of assumptions based on assumed experience.

  • The International Organisation for Standards (ISO) has defined ISO 13053:2011 for the six sigma process.

    We at SYSPROIC, use COPIS - Customer centric project management tool, for 6-sigma projects, we mentor.

    Our Expertise

    Any organisation cannot achieve benefits of continuous improvements using six sigma, if its not made, a part of the culture of the organisation. This will not be achieved by only spending huge amounts on 'consulting by experts in the field' but by people who have actually experienced it and achieved expertise in implementing various projects in their respective organisations. Their in-sights in the subject will make it easy for you to adopt and utilise even the most complex concepts in six sigma.

    We have black belts and master black belts worked for many MNCs, having years of experience and expertise in mentoring projects in multiple disciplines and conducting trainings subjected to different tools related to six sigma which can certainly not only add a dimension to your initiative of adopting six sigma practices for your organisation but will make it a lot more practically oriented approach.

    Client Support

    We have a well-planned support system for our clients’ right from world class training material to proven implementation approach and strategies to continuous project mentoring services to manpower support and even including, related software and systems or web-apps solutions.
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